A recent rumored circled the internet claiming that the mysterious PS4 space-exploration title, No Man’s Sky, could be stealth released this week on October 27. However, the game’s creator, Sean Murray put the rumor to rest on his Twitter account over the weekend.

A Twitter user asked Murray, “Is [the] October 27 rumor real or only a space-time fluctuation by black hole?” in which Murray responded saying, “I heard that rumour that No Man’s Sky is stealth releasing on Oct 27th. It is false.”

The rumor emerged as a result of the scheduled press conference that Sony will be holding for Paris Games Week on October 27.

No Man’s Sky has been in development for multiple years since initially being revealed at E3 2014 and has had multiple showings at press briefings since, but no official release date has been announced, leading many gamers to believe it could be a huge release for Sony this fall if they were to surprise release it during a conference, which Sony has a short history of doing.

Other tweets sent out by Murray included an update on development for the title, saying “For those asking, we are still incredibly hard at work on No Man’s Sky, but it’s going really well,” and also added, “We get one shot to make this game, and we don’t want to mess it up. Hope that’s ok.”

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