The free games included in PlayStation Plus for the month of November have been revealed by Sony.

The six games that will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on the first Tuesday of November (11/3) are all about “drama, magic, and zombies” according to the reveal post on the PlayStation Blog.

Available for the PlayStation 4 include The Walking Dead: Season 2.

The second season follows Clementine in her struggle to survive a world torn apart by the undead menace. Guide her actions and influence the game’s outcome as nail-biting choices must be made to keep on living.

Also available for download on the PlayStation 4 will be Magicka 2.

This spell-slinging action game empowers you and your friends with the elements to defeat your enemies (or sabotage those same friends). Hysterics may ensue, which might be a welcome break after all those zombies…

The full list of games on PlayStation Plus this month are listed below – let us know what your favorites are and make sure you download or add the games from October to your PlayStation library before the games swap out.

  • The Walking Dead: Season 2PS4
  • Magicka 2PS4
  • Mass Effect 2PS3
  • Beyond Good & EvilPS3
  • Dragon Fin SoupPS4, PS Vita (PS3 Cross-Buy when available)
  • InvizimalsPS Vita

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