With the surprising return of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the ability to import previous songs is a cool addition. Consoles are more connected then ever, with data transfers possible from previous to current generation.

Harmonix has finally announced the details for how you’ll be able to transfer over verified purchases from Rockband 3 to Rockband 4, with the feature launching on December 8th. When it launches, you’ll be expected to pay 14.99 for the import of the songs.

Harmonix is working towards making all but the The Beatles Rock Band transferrable, but they haven’t stated if the 14.99 will be a one time purchase or a purchase made for each game.

In addition to the announcement of the song imports, they have said that they are approaching their expiration sale date for Rock Band 3. “As a corollary, we are rapidly approaching the expiration of our ability to sell Rock Band 3. This means that you have until October 30th to buy Rock Band 3 from the Xbox Live® Marketplace or until traditional retailers run out of stock (if you’re into that kind of thing).”

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