Developer Rockstar has recently put up job listings that could hint at what the studio has in store for the future. While the listings do not confirm anything, they could be indicators of elements contained in a future Rockstar product.

One of the most interesting is a listing for a gameplay designer at Rockstar Toronto. According to GamesRadar, the job’s qualifications include “advanced physical and digital prototyping skills to establish the pillars of the asymmetrical cooperative stealth experience.” They are also looking for experience in destructible environments physics, and weapon tuning.

Other listings refer to “sandbox environments,” something fans of Rockstar are quite used to associating the developer with. A programmer job listing for Rockstar NYC says that the potential employee would “research and develop new animation technology for use in our large open-world character-based games.”

While these listings could be inaccurate, old, or referring to continuing updates on Grand Theft Auto V, they are interesting little windows into what Rockstar could be planning next.

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