With still more than a week left in the Humble Bundle Store Spring Sale, it’s hard to believe that the deals can get any better. And with that, comes today’s deals that will last sometime between tomorrow and Thursday!

The two publisher deals are Square Enix and Kalypso. Square Enix has Tomb Raider, the Thief series, Deus Ex series, the Hitman series, the Just Cause series, and many other games for as low as $1. As well, they’re also selling an Eidos superbundle, housing 34 different games and dlc for $52 USD. Kalypso’s main selling feature is its Tropico series, where you control a small Central American island and develop it into the thriving nation of your choice.

In the individual game sales, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is an awesome game if you’re looking for a good 4x space RTS. At $9.99 USD, it’s hard to find a game so well balanced and beautiful. And with a very active modding community, the replayability is off the charts.

If you were worrying about not having enough stains on your couch, Outlast is here to fill that need! This indie horror titles has you play as a reporter determined to discover what really went on in an insane asylum that’s been closed up for good. On sale for $3.99 USD, you couldn’t ask for a better constipation aid.

Other individual game sales are Stealth Bastard Deluxe for $.99 USD, The Binding of Isaac and the DLC for $.79 USD, and The Banner Saga for $7.99 USD. So what are you waiting for? Go fill your digital library with some great titles!

Are there any games you’d like to see go on sale? Any great deals you’ve found? Don’t be greedy, share it with us in the comments!

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