5th Cell, the makers of the adorable Scribblenauts and Drawn to Life series has announced their move into the crowdfunding medium for their next IP on Thursday. There current plans to utilize the upcoming crowdfunding platform ‘Fig’.

Fig is going to be a new crowdfunding platform that is organised by devs from Fallout and Double Fine. The difference presented between Fig and others like Kickstarter is that Fig will be strictly for video games. The service will also offer an equity-based crowdsourcing system, allowing a deeper more ingrained connection between backers and developers. Finally, Fig plans to continue staying in contact with and supporting successful campaigns even after they meet their goal.

In 12 days, 5th Cell will be unveiling their new title alongside the campaign. They aren’t the first to participate in this platform, but they are one of the first alongside the others. According to CEO and creative director, Jeremiah Slaczka, the game is planned to be new an innovative and that it will have a ‘deep and engaging universe unlike any other’.

It’ll be great to see what’ll be shown on the 21st of October, I’ve always enjoyed the Scribblenaut series, I’m just hoping there really is going to be an engaging story that still has the 5th Cell style. We’ll report on the project when it is finally announced on Fig.

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