A YouTuber going by the username of Open World Games has recently published his review of upcoming PS4-exclusive, Bloodborne. In it, he states that the game takes around “40 to 45 hours to complete”, but this will naturally depend on a player’s skill level as well as, perhaps, their experience with the Souls games.

Compared to the majority of games that are released these days, a 40 hour game sounds like incredible value for money, however it is worth noting that the average time it has taken gamers to complete the main story plus extras of the Dark Souls games is around 65 hours according to this source so the likelihood is that Bloodborne should last at least up to 50 hours in length if you’re interested in playing through more than just the main questline.

Does 40 hours seem like a reasonable length of time to complete Bloodborne in, or could it be argued that this is perhaps too long?

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