The next few days will see GTA players able to earn bonus cash and experience as Rockstar are celebrating the new update to GTA Online.  After the release of Ill Gotten Gains Part Two this weekend players will be able to earn extra cash and XP from certain game modes.  The weekend event will last until Sunday, July 12.


Deathmatches, golf and tennis will earn the player extra RP, while races will reward double the cash.  Races will also see RP bonuses for drafting, entering first place etc. doubled.  Players will receive a free in-game t-shirt for every day that they complete all three daily objectives.  For the entirety of the weekend, gold sprays are free and so are Pegasus deliveries.


Rockstar are hosting video editor and Snapmatic contests, and you can find the details for these at their website.  The Ill Gotten Gains Part 2 update focuses mainly on high end items and vehicles, adding new clothes, cars and weapons that can be purchased in game.

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