Disclaimer: I refer to ‘they’ in the article a lot as a potential developer for a future superhero game.

Superhero games always tend to draw fans in the video game medium, because they get to live out the fantasy they are the superhero by playing as one. We have seen some great superhero games, such as the Batman Arkham series, and Spider-Man 2. We have also seen some pretty terrible games, mostly those based off of movies. Now that Arkham Knight has been out for over a month now and is the last Batman game from Rocksteady, I have to wonder what is next for superhero games.

We know that Telltale is making a Marvel game but honestly I don’t really count that. I think the next game should take elements of what makes the Arkham series so special (a good story, inventive and engaging combat, and player freedom) and take it to the next level.

Growing up as a huge X-Men and Spider-Man fan, I am a little biased in wanting either of those games. I remember growing up and playing the X-Men Legends games and loving them. I even loved Marvel Ultimate Alliance, as cheesy as it was, so I would love for the Legends franchise to return. But a game that I would love to see that would never get made would be a Daredevil game. I understand the reasons they could not do it, seeing as how Matt Murdock is blind, but it could definitely be an interesting take on a game.

Another game they could really make work is a Punisher game. Honestly, I do not know much about the Punisher, nor have I ever cared about him. But I think his skills sets could make for an interesting third person shooter with a noir-theme such as Max Payne.

Back on the Gamecube, I played a Hulk game that definitely had its flaws. However, it got right what all fans of the Hulk series want: to be the Hulk and “Hulk Smash” everything. We are possibly due for a Hulk film soon which means we could see a new installment of the green man. If the right developer gets their hands on Bruce Banner, they could turn him into a successful game and possible franchise.

A Spider-Man game that imitates exactly what Spider-Man 2 did right with a revamp to the combat system, a good story that is based solely off the comics and none of the movies could really enrapture the hearts of gamers. Because, really, we just wanna swing around on webs throughout New York City and beat up bad guys.

In reality though, the future of superhero games may be a bleak one. We may have seen the last great one for a while in Batman: Arkham Knight and that is very sad for someone like me who loves that genre. Sure, we may get some movie tie-ins, like some bad Batman vs Superman game, but we really want something awesome to blow our minds. So, developers, I ensure you, it can be done. Rocksteady nailed it. Grab your superhero, get a good plot, good gameplay, avoid tank combat, and you have me drooling already.


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