Square Enid Dragon Quest 10Square Enix executive states that he supports crowdfunding to fund localizing their games.

Unfortunately, not every Japanese video game gets localized so other countries can play them. However, According to GameSpot, Game Informer latest issue, Square Enix Europe CEO Phil Rogers states that crowdfunding seems like a “very natural” way of getting a game localized.

Phil Rogers goes on to say, “It’s a topic that comes up a lot, and we understand why it does,” and he continues to explain, “To a great extent, in a really positive way, we’re absolutely humbled that we have this loyal and dedicated fanbase that wants to give us the feedback. We’re constantly working with the teams in Tokyo to show them this and to work with them there. The simple truth is that in some ways the development process and the tools, it’s not always an easy undertaking to reopen a game and add localization subsequently.”

Rogers admits that crowdfunding could help their games be localized, but didn’t confirm any plans. He also says that crowdfunding is an “interesting idea,” and that he would “love to try and work with that, to find a way, because ultimately we want to satisfy the demands of the fans.” He adds that localizing a game is an expensive and complex process.

On a side note, the Square Enix developer of Dragon Quest Heroes stated, that if the game does well in the west, other Dragon Quest games may come there as well. Hopefully, Square Enix has big plans for localizing video games to the west, and will continue to have them.

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