If you’re one of the nine million and something people who participated in the Star Wars Battlefront Beta between October 8th and 13th, and you played more than just Survival mode, chances are you played Walker Assault. The sprawling, snow drenched open map, with rugged cliffs, deep trenches and maze of tunnel systems vaguely resembled Battlefield, except the giant AT-ATs sauntering across the map.

Depending on which team you were assigned to, this was either a massive positive, or an ‘I’m going to rage quit and hope this is fixed by release’ moment. If you were on side with the Rebels, chances are your console was subsequently turned off. The fundamental flaw with this  was that the AT-ATs were simply too powerful. Destroying them was a near impossible feat, especially with the (what felt like) 500 other players running, firing and preventing you from accessing those all-too-critical Y-Wing bombers; but on top of that they fired gigantic cannons with a brutal accuracy that left Rebel scum with their tails between their legs, and at a constant loss on the scoreboard.

Fans tweeted their dismay about the unfairly balanced Walker Assault mode, one even questioning whether or not it was they who sucked. DICE community manager Matthew Everett re-lifted this fans spirits with his response: “Nope! It’s a balancing issue within the beta.”

No comment has yet been made on exactly how this issue will be addressed by DICE.


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