The latest Call of Duty, currently being developed by Infinity Ward, is going to be set in space according to several sources.

shinobi602, known as a industry insider on NeoGAF posted two comments regarding the game. When asked “Are we talking Battlefield 2142 style?” shinobi responded that it would be “Very far future. Space combat. Full on sci-fi.”

He later went on to post that the upcoming Call of Duty game would make Black Ops 3 “feel like the stone age“, in terms of when the game is set.

To back up shinobi602 is Eurogamer, who has also heard similar reports from their unnamed source.

It should be note that although other Call of Duty’s have taken place in the future, this would be the first with a Sci-fi setting. Infinity Ward’s last title in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Ghosts, had an opening set in space.

Call of Duty 2016 is expected to launch in November.

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