Super Meat Boy is one of the most well received indie games of the past decade. With it’s unique humor and challenging gameplay, this title has had gamers attention since its initial release in 2010. While it was originally for the Xbox 360, it has recently been brought to PS4 and PS Vita, but it may not be stopping there.

In a recent post by Tommy Refenes, co-founder of Team Meat, on Super Meat Boy’s official website, he thanked those responsible for the jump to PlayStation platforms. But where does this leave Wii U owners? With a little light at the end of the Super Meat Boy tunnel, Refenes concluded the post by saying “To the fan’s we’re still excluding I’ll leave you with this: Wii haven’t forgotten about U.”

It would be great if Super Meat Boy could be enjoyed by Wii U owners. It seems like Team Meat might be pulling some to make it happen. In the meantime, you can play Super Meat Boy on Steam, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS Vita. In fact, PS Plus members can get download it for free for the month of October.

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