343 Industries have released new images of Halo 5: Guardian’s UNSC vehicles and talked about what they’ve done to change them. This follows their reveal for the redesigned Covenant vehicles last week.

Scorpion, Mongoose, Gungoose, Rocket Warthog and Gauss Warthog are the variant UNSCs that players can get through Halo 5’s new Requisitions system.

The REQ system is new to Halo 5: Guardians, and is basically how players earn rewards in-game. By playing in the Arena or in Warzone game modes you earn REQ points, which you can use to spawn these vehicles, among others, during a match. Learning the nooks and crannies of the REQ system will probably be easiest by experimenting as you play, but if you want to know more, there’s a video explaining it all here.

(All images taken from Halo community blog.)

The developers also gave a description of each vehicle on the blog post:

  • Scorpion – The new iteration – the M820 – of the storied Scorpion is half the mass of the old M808 yet has nearly identical firepower and armor protection. As expected, ONI spares no expense with its “security” Scorpions, outfitting them with experimental ammunition using the latest energetic propellants. Advanced Scorpion with heavy armor and upgraded cannon.
  • Mongoose – Lovingly dubbed the “mothergoose” by frontline infantry men and women due to its increased size over the M274, this particular variant shown is Liang Dortmund’s heavy-duty modification of the standard M290 ATV. The result is a nimble but rugged Mongoose with extra armor.
  • Gungoose – The new “Gungoose” is the result of an M290 Mongoose quad bike fitted with twin grenade launchers. A passenger can be accommodated on the rear-facing seat, providing ample offense on this snake-killer’s nose and tail.
  • Rocket Warthog – Rocket Warthogs are often the first and last line of defense against Covenant aircraft for UNSC ground forces. This particular variant showcases an improved Rocket Warthog with upgraded armor.
  • Gauss Warthog – Tested in classified ops during the Requiem campaign, the UNSC has fitted a brand new evolution of the heavy gauss cannon on the M12B Warthog. For this particular ONI-spec variant, gauss cannon impacts produce lingering area of effect damage. The precise mechanism remains highly classified. Calling one of these bad boys in gives your team an advanced Gauss Warthog with heavy armor and upgraded gauss cannon.

Halo 5: Guardians launches exclusively on Xbox One on October 27th, priced at $59.99. Although development of the game recently reached ‘gold’ status (meaning that the base game is completed), 343 Industries continue to work on the DLC to come, including new maps and December’s Forge mode.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer for Halo 5.

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