Releasing in the middle of 2015 in Open beta, Dirty Bomb, the first-person shooter by Splash Damage has released an upcoming update for their game: The Containment War update. The update will contain new weapons, mercenaries, maps and modes. Since release, Dirty Bomb had seen a fairly loyal fanbase who have provided feedback to the team so they could improve on the game. This update will not only include new content but various gameplay improvements and fixes.

As for the new content: there will be a massive map called the ‘Dome’ which will be playable with the Objective and Stopwatch game mode. To stand among the classic game modes, Execution makes its appearance. This game mode will be played on the Overground and Market maps. In Execution mode, you will only have one life and must eliminate all enemy players or destroy the ‘containment shield’ with a bomb over the course of 12 rounds.

A brand new addition to the cast of mercenaries is Stoker. He is fully equipped with Molotov grenades and is a support-based class that deplays ammo stations for his allies. There are several other new mercenaries that have appeared in the game prior including the healer ‘Phoenix’, close quarter expert ‘Phantom’ and sniper ‘Red Eye’. As a promotion, if you log in to the game from October 28th to November 4th, you will have the Phoenix unlocked for free permanently.

On top of these additions, there will brand new character and weapon skins. There will also be event Contaiment War Loudout cards that can be obtained through opening Containment War cases. You get a 3% chance at any time. Opening an ‘Elite Case’ is a 10% chance and buying 10 of these cases guarantees a Containment War Loadout card. Cases are randomly dropped with 2 every hour or can be purchased for 1000 credits which is the in game currency. The Elite Case is a premium case that costs $4.99 USD for 1 case, $19.99 for 5 and $34.99 for 10.

Along with publishing Dirty Bomb, there are more games on the horizon for Nexon America including First Assault which is inspired by Ghost in the Shell and Cliff Bleszinski’s next game: LawBreakers.

Dirty Bomb is available exclusively on Steam and is still in Open beta.

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