The Witcher 3 Triss

The Witcher 3 update adds over 600 changes.

CD Projekt Red did say the game was going to be getting a massive update, but no one expected this. Now we know the update is 15 gigabytes on consoles and 6-15 on PC. Click here to see a link that shows possibly most of the changes in the game.

One of the main changes added to the game is an additional romantic option to choose Triss over Yennifer. Fans helped get this patch into the game with their complaints, which I agree with. The Witcher is a franchise that supports have many choices to deal with many situations, so Geralt’s love life should be no different. Additional dialogue options have been added in to appease the fans.

The community manager Marcin Momot stated in the game’s forums the patch is be “right around the corner” and went on to say “in a matter of days.” There’s a chance the update may be released on the day the first expansion, Heats of Stone, can be downloaded.

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