You won’t be disappointed if Mario Party 10 is the first Mario Party game you plan to play. The game adds a ton of new features including Bowser Party, an amiibo party, and using the GamePad as a second screen. Unfortunately the game also has a few key aspects from Mario Party 9, which can be a mood killer at times.

The concept of the Mario Party games has always been fairly simple, it’s a virtual board game with dice and mini games to help shake things up. But recent changes make for a whole new experience. During Bowser Party, for example, has all of the competitors move together with each individuals turn to roll the dice. It doesn’t sound so bad considering that in Bowser Party mode, its four against one. But, what about Mario Party mode? It’s a free-for-all, but everyone moves together in one vehicle. So not only does it make for a slightly less competitive atmosphere, but mini games happen less than in Bowser Party.


There is a great variety of mini games to play, and it all depends on what party mode you pick. In Bowser Party mode there’re mini games from slots that decide who gets a bullet bill shot at them, to climbing a huge wall, trying to escape Bowser and his giant claws.

In Mario Party mode there’re mini games that involve trying to catch the biggest (and golden) cheep-cheeps, to running down a narrow path that is surrounded by lava and trying to avoid being hit by a large swinging spike-ball. Although some of the mini games can be hard to control at time (like balancing a ball an maneuvering it to roll over switches), many of the games are fun and action-packed.


Bowser Party mode is a new creative twist on the Mario Party series. Bowser has always played the role of someone who tried to make your chances of winning slightly decrease. But, in this game, you can play as him. Using the Wii U GamePad, you have the chance to play as the villain, which can be quite fun. Bowser is given four dice so he can be equal with the four competitors on the ‘good’ team. Let’s say that the good team is twenty-five spaces ahead of Bowser. If Bowser rolls eighteen, he has the chance to re-roll.

It may not seem fair but there is a chance he won’t catch up with you, and it sure is a life-saver if you’re playing as Bowser. Each good guy is given six hearts at the start of the party. You can land on heart spots that given you more hearts. It’s your goal to race to the finish and get the star. It’s Bowser’s goal to defeat your whole team by beating them in mini games, causing them to lose hearts, so he can be victorious.

Each board has it own special twist on Bowser Party. Whimsical Waters, the underwater board has spots where the good team can pick one of six chests, three are helpful, three are hurtful. Bowser has the chance to trick the team with graffiti such as star stamps and Bowser Jr. stamps. The same goes with paths that the team to pick to venture on. One path has helpful spots, the other hurtful. Its up to Bowser to trick them.

The Mario Party mode is not as entertaining as the Bowser party, but it is still fun to play. Four players move together in one vehicle and try to get the most mini-stars before they reach the end. Whoever has the most mini-stars, win. There are a lot of ways to gain or lose mini-stars. There are spaces that allow players to give or gain mini-stars from one another (by force, of course). But sadly, as stated before, mini games are less frequent.

That being said, Mario Party 10 is a great game for families, friends, or just for playing alone. The music and visuals are great, and the mini games are enjoyable. Even if it has a few not-so-good mechanics that come from Mario Party 9. This game is one that is great for everyone.

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