Spreading the Fighting Fantasy love to a new medium, Tin Man Games has been creating digital. Most notable of their works are the Fighting Fantasy series. To date, they’ve put out Caverns of the Snow Witch, Island of the Lizard King, Forest of Doom and House of Hell among other notable titles. Their works aren’t limited to the Fighting Fantasy series as they’ve even gone into Game Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 series with ‘Legacy of Dorn – Herald of Oblivion’. In fact, they just released ‘Songs of the Mystics and ‘Asuria Awakens’ on the iOS store only weeks ago!

It was announced that the team had started to evolve the way they go about their digital books. For over 12 months they have been working on a new ‘Gamebook Adventure Engine’. The very first game that will full utilize this engine will be the legendary ‘Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain’. This new engine will change up the way that Tin Man Games had been creating their digital text-based adventure books. The changes will include a whole new tabletop layout with digital miniature statues and combat system.

Since this structure has been so time consuming and the engine is made from the ground up, the team is hoping to throw it out to the wider community to help fully flesh out the system and the game with a Kickstarter campaign. There will be some more details when the campaign will begin. For now, you can keep an eye out on future developments on their blog.

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