Rocket League, one of the most successful indie titles of all time, has found a way into our hearts by combining the raw action of demolition derby with the thrill of competitive sports, specifically soccer. With each update since it was first released over a year ago, there are new arenas, cars, game modes, and more. With the latest update available now, you may feel like a kid again.

Psyonix is teaming up with Mattel to bring Hot Wheels to the world of Rocket League. Two new battle cars in the update include the Twin Mill III and the Bone Shaker. In addition there will be free post match content drops. These are special Hot Wheels topper and antennae, as well as a Treasure Hunt Flag and Shark Bite topper. A Player’s Choice crate will also be given with the update.

Besides bringing the joy of Hot Wheels to the world of Rocket League, there is an ulterior motive to this update. Rocket League will now support PlayStation 4 Pro. Your intense matches will be more gorgeous than ever. Besides the two new battle cars at $1.99 each, everything else in the update is completely free. Hop on today and experience Rocket League like never before.

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