Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was a title most people in the west were sure we’d never see. As fate would have it, however, Nintendo decided to localize the title for a North American eShop release. But fate’s a fickle mistress, it turns out, as some Wii U owners may find themselves unable to play the game due to its file size.

At 9964.8 MB, the trial version of the game is already to great a size for owners of an 8 GB Wii U to handle. Without an external hard drive, the game is simply impossible to play. Matters are worsened if the user wanted to buy the game, which would cost them an additional 8,186.6 MB of space.

Without either a 32 GB system or an external drive, Wii U owners will be unable to play this unique title. Even owners of the 32 GB system may find themselves forced to delete some titles in order to make room for this one. While this isn’t the first time a situation like this has occurred on a Nintendo system, it still appears to be a major oversight on Nintendo’s part.

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