The world of eSports will be headed to the big screen. The production company Gary Sanchez, along with Media Group Mosaic, has announced that they are currently working on an untitled project that centers around the ever expanding part of gamer culture that is home to some of the best players in the world. And better yet, it will include Will Ferrell.

The film will star Will Ferrell as a member of a professional eSports team. His character will be an odd addition to the cast considering he will be a key player in a sport that usually sees its players retire at a very young age. The hand-eye coordination and reaction times required for eSports start to deteriorate in a person’s mid to late 20s.

There are currently negotiations taking place between producers and top eSport teams Evil Geniuses and Fnatic to appear in the film, as an attempt to add to its authenticity.

The film will be distributed by the American media company, Legendary Pictures who has produced such films as Warcraft, Pacific Rim, and Jurassic World. According to the company, the film will be similar to another film that Ferrell starred in, Talladega Nights, a comedy that centered around the sport of NASCAR. This new project aims to give viewers a look into the competitive world that is eSports.

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