The Xbox app on Windows 10 has gone through a recent update and with it some new features that allow for some additional convenience for its users.

Users will be able to view a friends list that refreshes constantly to see what their friends’ online status are and what games they are playing. It is also notable that games other users are playing will display whether they are join-able for multiplayer sessions.

A new real-time activity feed has been added with the update to ensure the users will be able to receive the latest news and downloads if the app is left open. Likes and comments will also be offered on various items shown through the feed.

Game progress comparisons have now been added, allowing friends to see which of them has more achievements for individual games. Viewing Gamerscores and completion percentages will also be available.

Text entry commands through the app will now be able to communicate with the Xbox One. Users will be able to send messages to other individuals through their tablets or smartphones.


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