The long awaited Disaster Report 4 finally gets its glorious trailer reveal on the Granzella youtube page. Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories is the title of the game in the fairly old series that’s all about surviving a world completely falling apart due to various extreme natural/artificial disasters. The series started its roots back in 2002 on the PlayStation 2 and came out to Europe as SOS: The Final Escape. A sequel was released as and came to the US as “Raw Danger!”. The third game to the series never saw release to the west. Finally, in 2010, Disaster Report 4 was announced for PS3. Sadly, due to the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan in 2011, the game was canceled as a sign of respect.

The time for respects has passed and the game is now in full swing development. Granzella took the reigns back in 2011 and still continues to work on the game. The improvement over the old 2010 trailer to the newest 2015 is as clear as night and day. The team has really pulled together and polished the game.

The protagonist is either male or female. The old trailer showed off the old male design while the 2015 trailer shows off the female protagonist. It’s not known currently if the male protagonist will be the same as in the 2010 trailer but upscaled.

The game has no set release date yet but it will be released on the PlayStation 4. It’s looking incredibly detailed and beautiful. Hopefully the game does well enough to come to western markets.

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