Tis the season of great discounts and rampant shopping, and for those of you looking for an Xbox One this holiday season, Best Buy’s got you covered.

Their biggest bundle on sale right now is a Gears of War Ultimate Edition Xbox One bundle with a 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Samsung TV for the discounted price of $1000. That’s $550 dollars off all together. There’s a slightly cheaper variation on the bundle, which includes the Gears Xbox One bundle with a 55-inch standard Samsung HDTV for $780 dollars, saving a net of $420 dollars respectively.

Both of these bundles are available both on Best Buy’s website and in stores, while supplies last of course. If you have any more information, there is also a special heading page, which you can access here, that will help you understand what you’re getting. Personally, this bundle is pretty good if you have had feet of clay of getting into the latest console generation, and a sharp 4K resolution big screen TV doesn’t hurt either.

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