Fallout 4 arrives today – the day many have been waiting for – but if you’re stuck in a desk somewhere, Pete Hines, vice president of marketing for developer Bethesda, has a solution to get you out of work and back home holding your controller.

Over the weekend, Hines tweeted out the image seen below, supplying a “doctor’s excuse” for those needing the day off on November 10 – the day that Fallout 4 is released.

“I figure some of you might need a note from your doctor for your upcoming ‘sick day(s)’ this week. So here you go,” Hines wrote on his Twitter account.

The note is signed with his name, followed by MD, PhD, MBA, BYOC.

While the success of the note Hines provided is uncertain, what is certain is that Fallout 4 released today on PS4, Xbox One and PC and has opened to generally favorable reviews from gamers who played the game prior to launch.

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