Chances are if you are in North America or Europe, you probably never even heard of Borderlands Online. Well that’s because it was a multiplayer-focused original installment in the FPSRPG series made specifically for the Asian market with 2K China behind the wheel. Well, sad news for those hopeful players out there, not only has Borderlands Online been shelved but 2K China is no more.

Through Games Industry International, Take-Two Interactive explained themselves. They stated, “We determined that the additional time required to finish current projects at the studio, particularly Borderlands Online, would not yield a favorable return on investment.” On the subject on the closure of 2K China, the company made it clear that other asssociated studios like the NBA 2K online team in Shanghai, and Take-Two’s Singapore office will not be affected by this change. Also this closure has only come to Borderlands Online, the planned Civilization Online to be released in Korea for example is still proceeding on schedule.

It’s a shame that such things happen, but 2K also has a new Borderlands for next-gen consoles being developed, so perhaps this is for the better.

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