Bungie has recently teased some of the features within future updates we can expect for Destiny, having just concluded the first Trials of Osiris event since the launch of the Taken King in September.

The developer has revealed that it has taken a huge amount of data from the limited time event, as well as from many other areas throughout the game, and this is how it’ll be “refining various weapons and classes in an upcoming December update.”

There’s also another update set to arrive this month, before the December update, and Bungie has previously stated that this update will add some changes to quests and bounties, as well as “some other promises we have yet to make.”

In addition to this, the November update is set to change how the player can acquire resources, with weapons parts being purchasable from Banshee-44 for Glimmer. Any extra Etheric Light you happen to have going spare will be somehow exchangeable with Petra, and Worm Spore found within the Dreadnaught can be traded with Eris.

Both the November and December updates for Destiny are still without release dates.

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