Dick. As in Philip K. Dick.

Author of 44 published novels and 121 short stories, many of which have won numerous awards, Dick’s work has been translated into many popular movies and television shows such as Blade Runner, A Scanner Darkly and Minority Report. Now, it’s not his work that is being translated into a new form of media, but the author himself.

Although the game isn’t legally allowed to use his name, Californium is a first-person adventure game that takes various parts of Dick’s life, from his failed marriages to his drug abuse, and pieces them together into one strong narrative as the life of the game’s main character, writer Elvin Green.

All of this personal drama will be wrapped around a main story which also borrows heavily from Dick’s published works, but with all the heavy source material the developers are consciously trying to stay away from the dystopian nature that usually surrounds his work. A majority of this will be in the hands of the games art developer, Oliver Bonhomme, who is bringing a trippy, surreal, almost 70s vibe to the game which ties in with much of the author’s experiences in his life.

Californium is coming early 2016 to Steam.

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