Games of Glory, the upcoming MOBA from indie developers Lightbulb Crew, has gotten a release date, as well as a cinematic trailer, which you can see below. Lightbulb Crew have also released a new gameplay trailer for the game that shows off two of the game modes which will be available at launch, which can also be seen below.

As Lightbulb Crew have said about Games of Glory, the game will feature:

“Realistic sports commentators punctuate the strategic tangles, major events, and fast-paced rhythms of each match, immersing players in a competitive environment.

“A reactive combat system (without auto-attacks or laning phases), is at the heart of Games of Glory’s gameplay, which can be seen in the two game modes presented in the never-before-seen trailer.”

The two game modes featured in the new Games of Glory gameplay trailer (above) are;

The Superstar Game Mode in Svandia’s Foundry:

In this ultra-dynamic game mode, players confront one another in 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 to try and eliminate their opponent’s “Superstar” player, all the while protecting their own. Combat sequences are cadenced by a system of rounds, with each round lasting no longer than 80 seconds. The first team to win a total of 5 rounds will win the match.

The Conquest Game Mode in Arkashan Arena:

Capture a maximum number of points and hold them for as long as possible to overwhelm the opposing team and destroy their Energy Core. The Conquest mode can be played in 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5. No laning phases means combat in the very first seconds; players are thrown directly into the fray.

Games of Glory is an online multiplayer arena game, and a blend of the Shooter and MOBA genres, offering:

  • Action oriented combat mechanics driven by skill-based aiming in real-time
  • A system of free-aiming weapons, interchangeable at any moment in the heat of battle
  • Limitless combinations of equipment for personalising Clones’ appearance
  • A complete E-Sport ecosystem, built into the universe, where players manage their own clubs and can take on roles such as: star player, tournament organiser, club president, trainer, or recruiter.

Games of Glory is set to be released on Steam on May 27.

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