In an article originally appearing in Game Informer magazine, Red Fly Studios reveals news that they were tasked by LucasArts to create a Darth Maul origins game with the now familiar antagonist as the protagonist that ended in cancellation.

The story revolved around a young Maul forced into the Sith hierarchy under the power of Emperor Palpatine. It was proposed to be a dark coming-of-age tale that literally would have put you through the trials and tribulations of a Sith-in-training as he is mentally, physically and emotionally tormented into bondage.

Red Fly Studio first came up with the idea after they were tasked with creating the Wii port of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II by LucasArts. They had unintentionally carved out a name for themselves as “the Wii guys” which helped them get the job in the first place. When The Force Unleashed II failed to get a good reception, Red Fly Studio thought their partnership would be severed, but it was the opposite.

They were contacted by LucasArts to create a new game based on the life of Darth Maul which they jumped at immediately. The contract they worked on was a strange month-to-month basis where they spent most of their time working on mechanics, fleshing out ideas, creating demos, etc.

After about three to four months of working together, their relationship got intimate. However, when Electronic Arts took control of the Star Wars license, it pretty much spelled the end for their project.

More can be seen in the attached video and in the Game Informer article.

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