Costco unveils some of it’s Black Friday discounted products.

Costco’s sale will begin on November 27th, 9:00 A.M., and will go on till November 29th.

Deals gamers will be interested in, are the PS4 and Xbox One deals. The 500 GB Ps4 be discounted by $50 leaving it at the price of $300. There is an Xbox One bundle that includes a 500 GB Xbox One and The Lego Movie game. This Xbox One bundle is also priced at $300.

GameStop has more diverse video game deals than Costco.  If your a big Nintendo fan, click here to view different stores’ deals for Nintendo products. There are also many other deals concerning the Xbox One consoles, and games.  In an in depth look at PS4 deals click here.

I personally, cannot wait to see what deals will be available for Steam this Black Friday. I hope Rocket League will go on sale because after playing it at a friend’s house, I feel addicted.

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