Sometimes, when looking through dozens of Kickstarter projects, it’s hard to figure out which projects will become successful or which ones will catch your eye. Sometimes, it’s actually quite easy. Flaunting itself as part Dark Souls and part Castlevania, Dark Flame is a Kickstarter project that aims to bring about the 2-D sensibility and graphics of Symphony of the Night, the combat style of Dark Souls, and the exploration aspect of both series.

From their Kickstarter page, “A beautiful 2D ARPG throwback to retro greats. Dark Flame brings you the perspective of a knight who must battle the horrific conveyance of unknown evil that has overtaken his order. Featuring large, hand-crafted environments, tailored gameplay, and an armoire of weapons, armor, and magic, the game blends classic with new to bring a unique experience!”

Dark Flame does only have 9 days left in its Kickstarter fundraising, so if this sort of game interests you, donate! And if it doesn’t seem like Dark Flame’s your thing, maybe download their pre-alpha build and try it out first.

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