Fallout 4 —You’ve spent north of 100 hours in the game, so why not incorporate it into your wardrobe?

Bethesda is now selling official sneakers featuring the vault 111 symbol in the game’s classic blue and yellow color scheme. You can buy them directly from Bethesda’s online store for $85.

The shoes are listed as having “high quality, blue suede leather,” but due to this nature, “color may bleed if wet.”

Sizes available for the shoes range from a men’s 4.5 – 14.

Fallout 4 debuted on Nov. 10 and has experienced massive sales throughout its first week and has earned outstanding reviews from multiple publications.

In our review of Fallout 4, we said “he changes and additions made to Fallout 4’s base mechanics have created the first game that feels like a genuine Fallout game by Bethesda. So I guess it does earn some of the hype it was given. We could have done with not having every other news article be about Fallout 4, though. It was like being the most passive stalker ever. But for once it’s nice to see a game live up to its own expectations, and Fallout 4 does this. Bethesda has taken a serious effort on revamping and tweaking a lot of the issues in past games and on improving the things that make it shine brighter than a nuclear blast.”

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