While many players are enjoying all the raids, dungeons, missions, and other great online gameplay from Final Fantasy XIV, it is hard to remember that the game did have a descendent before it. Final Fantasy XI first brought the long loved franchise into the massive online world. In a report from EGMnow, it’s time for these two worlds to meet.

As part of a dramatic conclusion to the the story of Final Fantasy XI, the main heroine, Iroha, will escape her world of Vana’diel and find herself in Eorzea. In an event called “A Journey to Remember,” players will be able to help Iroha complete her final quest to save her world. Those who complete the event will also gain the “Amatsu” equipment as a reward. This equipment is fashioned after Iroha’s own armor.

If you are an adventurer on Final Fantasy XIV, you don’t want to miss this event, which is happening right now.

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