EA and DICE have released a full list of Star Wars Battlefront weaponry players can arm themselves and some info on what comes with the Star Card system.

The list of Battlefront’s weaponry shows that the 11 primary weapons toted on the battlefront can be divided into the commonplace categories you’ll see in any major First Person Shooter, namely the three major categories of pistols, rifles and heavy blasters.

Naturally, each weapon has its own positives and negatives which are divided into four stats – damage, fire rate, cooling power and range. As we’ve seen in the Battlefront beta, blasters won’t have ammo but instead have a heat capacity, which you can vent with expert button-press timing or being careful with picking your shots. As you’re picking your loadout, these will all display on the menu so if you’re planning now take a look at the entire list here.

The Q and A also went into detail on how Star Cards will work. Star Cards are the ways players pick and choose equipment and abilities on the battlefield, and they will collected by purchasing with in-game credit. Characters will have three slots alongside their weapon, and this can be filled with things like special grenades, a sniper rifle or a jetpack.

This further explained that certain cards, such as the Ion Shot, will have a certain amount of ‘charges.’ Once all charges are used, players will have to purchase new charges with the aforementioned in-game credit or scavenged on the battlefront.

The Q and A does explain some recommended loadouts, but also reveals that lower-ranked players can copy the Star Cards of their higher-ranked friend via the partner system. This would allow the lower-ranked player to have access to more powerful cards so they aren’t disadvantaged when they play with their friends.

You can read the both the list of weaponry and the Q and A on the Battlefront website, and look forward to Star Wars Battlefront when it releases November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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