It’s hard to break the dominance Hearthstone has over online card games, but Elder Scrolls: Legends looks like it plans to compete with not only a multiplayer but a more engaging single player campaign. The above trailer shows off the ‘main characters’ of this campaign. Told through the perspective of Kellen the moth priest, the campaign will weave the story of the Elder Scrolls depending on the ‘choices made’.

Focusing on its lore is a strong way to differentiate itself from other card games within the genre. Since April, the game has been in closed beta with several people already playing the game. If you’d like to participate in the upcoming beta, you’ll have to apply on You’ll need to sign in and make an account if you’re looking into getting in!

It was also announced that Elder Scrolls: Legends will expand on to not just iPad and PC, but to Android, iOS and Mac later on in the year.

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