After three years of waiting, Halo 5 is finally here. In the latest installment of the franchise, Master Chief is sharing some screen time with the newest Spartan, John Locke.

With the biggest exclusive release for Xbox One this year, we thought it would be a good idea to showcase other editor’s opinions and review scores for this franchise game.

Halo 5: Guardians was developed by 343 Industries and released October 27th, 2015 exclusively for the Xbox One system. The game retails for $60.


“There was a moment while playing Halo 5 that I stopped and realized how beautiful the scenery actually was. This game, graphically, is what I expected consoles to have on day 1. This is the ‘jump’ that we are looking for, and I seriously doubt many other games will match up to this caliber of graphics on the Xbox One anytime soon. 343 Industries has created a masterpiece, and one of the best games I have played from 2000 onward.” – Alana Fearnall [Full Review]

IGN – 9/10

“Halo 5’s levels often aren’t physically as big as areas in, say, Halo 3, but they’re so dense with things to discover that I didn’t miss the breathing room. This kind of design makes Halo 5’s campaign ripe for replaying, and well suited for the convenient drop-in, four-player (online-only) co-op it’s clearly made for. You and your friends can spread out, grab a variety of weapons, and use these levels to their fullest… There are many more options available than “point four guns at the thing and shoot.”” – Brian Albert [Full Review]

EGM – 9/10

“Halo’s brand of PvP never feels outdated or gives the impression that it’s clinging to too much of its past. Neither does Halo 5 pretend to be anything it isn’t: it is Halo multiplayer through and through, win if you can, survive if it lets you, using strict arsenal provisions.” – Jeff Landa [Full Review]


“But in the end, my frustration with the campaign’s narrative was offset by how good the gameplay feels. 343 has added several abilities to the usual Spartan skillset, granting new options to the already tight controls… That 343 has introduced these drastic changes to the formula, while still maintaining that responsive Halo feel, is admirable. As a Halo veteran, this feels like I remember, but also adds another layer of nuance to my muscle memory. Halo 5 introduces a new kinetic vocabulary that’s not essential to survival, but it certainly helps.” – Mike Mahardy [Full Review]

POLYGON – 9/10

Halo 5‘s philosophy seems to have finally let go of the concept of progression that the series has flirted with since Modern Warfare changed the way shooters approached long-term player engagement in 2007, and it finally feels like the flat playing field that it did at its best. Games likeLeague of Legends and Dota 2 have demonstrated that there’s a hunger for that even ground in-game, and Halo 5 is smart to take that lead and run with it.” – Arthur Gies [Full Review]


“From the time I had with the game’s multiplayer, I’ve been struck by a few things that have led me to believe Halo 5 Guardians multiplayer experience is essential. First, when I look at Warzone versus Arena, I see it as a starting point for those becoming more familiar withHalo‘s multiplayer and the mode for gamers of a higher expertise to jump right into. I always saw Warzone as the most accessible mode in Halo 5 Guardians, which is funny to say considering there can be up to 24 players in a match and more times than not matches result in beautiful chaos.” – Steven Ruygrok [Full Review]


“I have mixed feelings about Halo 5’s other major competitive mode. Warzone draws inspiration from MOBAs and Battlefield to take shape as a large-team battle for 24 players. It combines the capturing of bases with points garnered for A.I. alien kills. The concept often delivers impressive skirmishes, and the well-designed maps provide strategic sophistication. However, the majority of the matches I played ended in landslide victories or losses, where the team that took an early lead gained access to better-defended spots and higher-powered weapons, compounding their lead.” – Matt Miller [Full Review]

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