Ex-rockstar developer Kris Roberts caught recent media attention during a Twitch stream after making the statement that Rockstar never held serious intentions to port Red Dead Redemption to PC.

Roberts served as lead to the team that designed the game’s multiplayer portion, which held significant influence in the developer’s implementation of Grand Theft Auto V’s online segment.
Roberts claims that though Rockstar’s western was developed in a PC environment, it was always designed as being a console exclusive.
Continuing his statement, Roberts described himself as ‘super shocked’ when Rockstar ported their most recent title, Grand Theft Auto V, to PC. Given this, one might surmise that their is still hope for the team’s western to one day find its way to PC, but it remains an unlikely scenario. Roberts has since separated from Rockstar, having moved to work with Sony’s Daybreak Game Company on their zombie MMORPG, H1Z1.
Red Dead Redemption maintains a critical average of 95 on Metacritic, on both its PS3 and Xbox 360 iterations.

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