A second season pass may be on the way for Rainbow Six Siege according to a leaked survey question.

The question has appeared on Reddit, and asks players what they would like to see included in a “future season pass.” Some of the options include uniforms, a monthly skin subscription, and exclusive customization options.

The current season pass for Rainbow Six Siege does not come with any post-launch maps, as these are free for all players. Rather, season pass holders receive instant access to new operators, early access to the new operators, a discount on shop items, a 5% renown boost, and a number of premium customization options.

Last month Ubisoft released the Operation Skull Rain update for Rainbow Six Siege. The update included two new operators as well as a new map set in Brazil. The new operators come from Brazil’s BOPE unit, with one having a special crossbow, and the other being able to sneak up on enemies and interrogate them. The new update also includes new weapon skins, a weapon attachment, a Tactical Realism custom game mode, and a way to surrender Ranked matches. The update also included a variety of bug fixes, including floating turrets and players being able to shoot after being downed.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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