Blizzard has been backing its eSports now more then ever, and Hearthstone is getting some of the love. This year Hearthstone has gotten a prize pool of $1 million for the World Championship.

With the World Championship not until 2016, there is a chance that the prize pool will continue to grow. The World Championship will be held after a long list of qualifiers, often known as the #RoadtoBlizzcon. All of the details for qualifying in the tournament can be found here, on the official announcement post.

The #RoadtoBlizzcon features several months of ranked play, including on site Hearthstone Major tournaments, and an online Hearthstone cup. The #RoadtoBlizzcon, for all of the eSports supported by Blizzard, is a long road. Typically players are involved with the circuit year round, getting very little breaks from playing competitively.

It’ll be another year until we see the Hearthstone World Championship, with Blizzcon 2015 just wrapping up earlier this month.

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