It won’t be too long now until Star Wars: The Force Awakes finishes up in cinemas (because unfortunately, I’m told, it has to); but with the end of cinema screening comes DVD and Blu-ray versions, collectors editions, commentary and of course, deleted scenes.

Unfortunately for die-hard Star Wars fans, Director, J.J. Abrams has confirmed the movie won’t be receiving a plethora of extra footage. To ease that pain however, there will be deleted scenes that will add at least an extra 30 minutes of footage to the already 2 hour 16 minute feature.

So what this means for you is that there won’t be the extended version that you’ve theorized and hoped for, but there will be a number of deleted scenes for you to feast on. Before editing, the initial movie ran close to three hours, Abrams told  Entertainment Weekly.

Personally, I cannot wait to have The Force Awakens at home, available to watch in Blu-ray quality again and again, until it’s essentially a part of my daily ritual. Eat, sleep, Star Wars, repeat.

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