Sony Computer Entertainment recently released the first official screenshots for the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of the PlayStation 3 title Heavy Rain. Developed by Quantum Dreams, Heavy Rain, an interactive drama action-adventure game, was a critical and commercial success after its original launch in February 2010. Featured in the screenshots are four of the game’s central protagonists. Illustrating the technical improvements of Sony’s PS4 over its predecessor the PS3, the below screenshots reflect a significant visual enhancement to the title that will be sure to please both newcomers and returners to Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain PS 4 001

Madison Paige

Heavy Rain PS4 002

Norman Jayden

Heavy Rain PS4 003

Ethan Mars

Heavy Rain PS4 004

Scott Shelby

Heavy Rain for the PlayStation 4 will be available as a digital download on March 1, 2016. Selling over three million copies around the globe since its release in 2010, Heavy Rain seems to have the wide appeal necessary for a sequel. However, as reported by PlayStation Universe, the possibility of a sequel was never discussed between Sony and the French independent video game developer Quantum Dream. The title’s success did merit a director’s cut edition of the game in late 2011 while later supporting PlayStation Move through an update patch.

What are your thoughts on the first screenshots demonstrating Heavy Rain’s updated visuals? Will you be playing the newest version of Heavy Rain as a newcomer or veteran to the thrilling action-adventure title? Let your thoughts be known through commenting below!


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