The summer is here. Now we can enjoy beautiful weather, barbecuing, beach trips, ice cream, and more wonderful things that surround the season. Of course, when the sun goes down or we have a moment to ourselves, there is always time to throw some gaming in there too. Xbox wants to make this goes as smoothly as possible with their Summer Sale.

While it is not out yet or fully confirmed, a post on Twitter from Ekirm suggests that the Xbox Summer Sale will be launching next week. Ekirm has decent credit to his name, considering that he correctly predicted the latest Games with Gold sale ahead of its announcement. We don’t actually know the source of his knowledge, but either way he has done enough to deserve a peak every now and then.

While not many specifics were given for the Xbox titles seen in the sale, it is said that it would rival the Steam Summer Sale for great deals all around. “AAA titles” is what was mentioned on Twitter. Obviously, this could mean a lot of things, but hopefully there are some new gems in there, such as Doom, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst and more. For Xbox 360 owners, we could possibly see Red Dead Redemption at only $7.50.

As stated above, none of this is official yet, but could be very soon. Check back in with Gamespresso to find out more soon.

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