Since Blizzard launched its assault on the world of MOBAs with Heroes of the Storm the matchmaking system has fallen under the scrutiny of a large portion of the player base. At this year’s Blizzcon event it was announced that the system is to face bug changes in the hopes of making matches closer and much better. This comes as a follow-up to an article last month on improving the matchmaking system which you can find here.

Game director Dustin Browder said the current matchmaking system for Heroes of the Storm–which involved a lot of swapping–was “too stressful” and “not very fun,” according to Kotaku. The new system, on the other hand, puts players into queues and relies less on swapping.

The changes are set to be implemented before the end of the year so we could see them in-game over the next few weeks and will hopefully prove as a breath of fresh air for a game that has already shown great potential.

In other Heroes of the Storm news Blizzard have also announced the addition of more playable characters, more maps and modes, bans coming to ranked lobbies and a Grand Master League is also in the planning stages.

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