The mobile game market has been crowded for quite some time now.  With Nintendo’s upcoming line of mobile game titles, it stands to reason that the question on everyone’s mind is how exactly will Nintendo break into this market and still keep their brand of creativity intact?    Shigeru Miyamoto, creater of Legend of Zelda and now creative fellow at Nintendo, said during a Q&A session with investors, “If we can expand to smart devices what we have been challenging ourselves with on Nintendo’s dedicated game systems by taking advantage of the unique characteristics of smart devices, we believe that Nintendo will be able to create a new style of games and spread them all around the world.”

In regards to Miitomo, which is set to be the first of Nintendo’s online games, it would be a combination of Nintendo’s creative brand and social networking.   Shinya Takahashi stated in regards to the new app “”We believe that smart device users will enjoy Miitomo as we are offering Nintendo IP called Mii with which anyone can feel an affinity.”   The Nintendo IP will be created by both Nintendo and DeNA.   Nintendo has stated that by partnering with this mobile game company, DeNA can focus on the operation of the app while Nintendo can focus on the creativity part.

For information about the Miitomo release date being pushed back and the partnership with DeNA check out this article.

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