League of Legends

Both Team Solo Mid and Counter Logic Gaming seem to be alive and well after the first day of IEM San Jose.

Despite this being the first time TSM’s roster has played a game of professional League of Legends, the team had a dominating showing against LGD Gaming. The two failures of Group D slugged it out again, with several notable changes. On LGD’s side Flame would be playing in Acorn and GODV had decided to change his name to PAinEvil.

After a close but hard-fought victory in game one, TSM dominated LGD in game two. With both Hauntzer and Doublelift showing up in their first game with the TSM organisation.

After Mark Cuban and company defeated Brian Krzanich in the ARAM showmatch, it was on to the second quaterfinal series between Counter Logic Gaming and the Unicorns of Love.

Following GODV’s example Zion “Call me Darshan” Spartan decided to officially change his name to Darshan. In a convincing 2-0 victory over the Unicorns, both Stixxay and Huhi seem to be doing a fine job filling the shoes of the predecessors.

TSM will play Origen and CLG will play the Jin Air Green Wings in the semifinals tomorrow.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Despite their League of Legends counterpart’s success, Hazed and company lost 0-2 to Gamers2 Esports. Team Solomid would emerge victorious over Cloud9, winning the series 2-1. Gamers2 will play TSM in the semifinals tomorrow.

At the time of writing Natus Vincere leads Luminosity 1-0 with Team Liquid and Virtus.pro waiting to play.


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