Being only really into tabletop in the last few years and only really being into the Witcher in the last few months, I find myself in awe at the thought of a Witcher tabletop game. Don your pencil and paper as the game is announced on the Witcher’s official site.

According to the team, CD Projekt RED will be teaming up with R. Talsorian Games to bring this product to life. R. Talsorian Games is most notable for their famous Cyberpunk series; with Cyberpunk 2020 being the most reknowned and critically acclaimed. You’ll recall that CD Projekt RED was working on an incredible looking video game adaptation of the series; Cyberpunk 2077. As of now, there is no word on Cyberpunk, but at the very least this will certainly reinvigorate hope for the game’s existence, and hopefully tide us over knowing the two teams are working together on a project like this.

The Witcher tabletop RPG will be fully fleshed out with all the skills, curses and assortment of weaponry that is available in the world. Alongside that, the lore will follow from what’s already there in the Witcher universe. For the sake of creating a working game, the RPG will run on the Fuzion system which in the base sense is a simple point for attribute and skills system with bonuses through various means.

The game is slated for a mid 2016 release as work begins on making sure this system and game is presented amazingly for all tabletop/ Witcher enthusiasts to enjoy! Now we’ll just wait on a Gwent system to be made in the interim.

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