Ever since the announcement of Fallout 4 and their Pip-Boy collectors edition that would include a real- life functioning Pip-Boy unit that would work with your smart phone and certain apps, Fallout fans have been envious of those who actually got one of the very limited pre-orders. More of the Pip-Boy edition have yet to be put on sale, but that didn’t stop this fan from making his own.

Reddit user the MCV created his on version of the pip-boy that would run as a standalone unit a couple of weeks back. Using a 3-d printer to create the look and a raspberry pi computer, the functional pip-boy is capable of running google maps, effectively acting as GPS navigation. It’s a pretty cool replica, but it’s not perfect as it is still controlled by keyboard. Regardless, being able to recreate an accurate model with at least one of the game’s functions has earned it a lot of praise.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of these innovative replicas from crafty fans pop up all over in the coming months of Fallout 4 hype.

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