Merely two hours ago, the Indiegogo campaign for Lab Zero’s Indivisible hit $900,000 USD. Through the support of 505 games, the company that would cover the rest of the cost of the campaign should it hit $1.5 million, Indivisible will now have 20 more days to receive its $1.5 million USD goal. The stipulation was that Lab Zero needed to receive $900,000 or 60% in funding by the end of today. Only then would 505 games work with Indiegogo to enable the game to fund the remaining 40%.

Having only 4 days left in the initial campaign, the news of a possible extension should this condition be met saw fans rabidly shooting the adrenaline into this campaign. Countless more incarnations have been revealed, guest characters have been shown, competition were had and fan support have been featured. All of which is to keep driving up as much exposure for this game as possible. With the 20 days extension, Lab Zero can now heave a sigh of relief as they prepare for the next half of their fight to fund this project.

The campaign may have had an extension but that still doesn’t guarantee the success of the campaign. It’s an all or nothing campaign. If the funding isn’t met, all backers receive their money back and the campaign doesn’t keep any. Should that happen, Indivisible will simply not happen. If you’ve seen the game or tried the demo and enjoy it, do make sure to send them your support! For now, enjoy the new incarnation shown off at the $900,000 milestone: Lanshi the lightning-wielding dog.


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