Dear hunters, it’s that time of the month, the first Friday! You know what that means? Sadly yes, it is the end of DLC packs for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. You know the drill: Here’s what we get for free this months DLC pack:

  • Party Challenge 3: Hunt a Zinogre
  • Monster Fest 8: Hunt an Apex Rajang
  • Challenge Quest 11: Hunt a Savage Deviljho
  • Bedeviled Deviljho: Team up with fellow hunters to take down a Savage Deviljho
  • Beyond the Crimson Veil: Hunt down a Crimson Fatalis
  • The Apex Predator: Hunt an Apex Savage Deviljho to obtain tickets for the GX Esurient armor set
  • Big Game Hunting: Hunt a giant Velocidrome and tiny Deviljho
  • Horn to be Wild: Hunt a giant Diablos
  • Hunter’s Log – Small Fry: Hunt Velociprey, Genprey and a Yian Garuga
  • Little Big Hermitaur: Hunt 3 Plum Hermitaur, two are tiny
  • Red, White and You: Hunt a Khezu and Red Khezu
  • Primeval Slugfest: Hunt an Apex Rajang in the arena
  • Pick up a defense Palico with exp hunter
  • Pick up new guild card backgrounds, titles and a Poogie costume

A very Deviljho focused pack this time, lots more content to go through. With all the previous DLC that are still free as well, you can expect a lot more hours of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate goodness to go. It’s a good thing that there’s so much since there’s still no news on Monster Hunter X’s release to the west but we can still hope! It’s staggering that there was ultimately 90+ quests just from DLC, most of which are extremely challenging! So get on to it hunters and I will see you again for the inevitable slew of Monster Hunter X DLC!

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